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[h1a] Most Common Reason Your Garage Door Won’t Close – Safety Eyes [/h1a]
Sensor eyes are made to ensure your safety. They are normally attached at the bottom of both sides of the vertical track, about 6 inches high. One is the receiver and the other is the sender. The sender eye sends an invisible beam to the receiver. When the garage door is going down and this beam is tampered or obstructed, the door will reverse back up. This smart technology is intended to prevent kids from being crushed.

Green eye – the sender
Yellow/amber eye – the receiver

Safety Eye Symptoms:

-When your garage door is fully open, hit the wall button to close the door. Normally the door will go down but instead you see and hear your opener blinking and clicking.

-Your garage door goes down on your command but during on it’s way down, the door reverses and your opener blinks and clicks.

Diagnosing the Safety Eye:

-Position the door up, click and hold the wall button. The garage door will begin to close. Then about half way through, let go of the button. If your garage door reverses back up and you get that clicking and blinking from the opener. You have a safety eye problem. Explanation: holding the wall button down bypasses the safety feature, simply no invisible beam exists. When you let go of the wall button, the invisible beam is turned back on.

Safety Eye Common Problems:
-loose nut- causing the eye’s to be mis-aligned.
-dusty/dirty sensors- the invisible beam can’t pass through the debris
-bad connection- make sure the wires are properly installed; check for damaged wire
-turbulence from loose vertical track or heavy door- the beam is shooting solid
-sunlight shining directly to eye- sun light blocks the laser beam
-the “clogged corner”- we normally store brooms, and long sticks, at the corners by the vertical track.

Fixing the problem:

For safety eyes that are bumped, mis-aligned, or knocked off track, make sure both eye brackets are snapped in at the same height on the track. Then tighten the yellow/amber eye which is the receiver side. Next adjust the other eye so that it is aiming directly with the yellow. You should see a solid green light when you have successfully adjusted it.

If the safety eyes are really dirty, clean with a dry cloth.

It’s common for objects to fall in the sensors path so clear up those corners.

Here is a surprising idea to fix sun light from shining on your sensor eyes –

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