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It is important to focus on having a garage door that is secure at all times. Criminals often watch homes that have garage doors because the space can open and lead directly to the entry way in your home. You need to make sure that you choose a garage door that is not only durable, but secure as well. You should look for garage doors that allow you to install dead bolt locks and kick plates at the bottom of them. This acts as reinforcement for the garage door. Thieves can try to pick the lock, but with the deadbolt, it is hard to do so without alarming residents in the neighborhood that might be watching.

Self locking garage door motors are a feature that helps to make sure that your door remains shut and locked. This protection also extends to when you might be without electricity in your home and is a good option to have. Thieves can try to hack into the radio frequency of your garage door opener. If you have a secure rolling code, then people cannot try to steal the code because the feature works in a way where each radio frequency is only used once by the door’s remote system.

Key less remote entry pads can be helpful to garage doors because it requires that a code be entered to unlock the door. You can also use your smart phone to remotely enter the code so that the garage door opens and closes for you when you want it to. This type of safety feature utilizes technology in a way that helps to reduce the likelihood that someone can know exactly what your code is. We recommend people who use this type of technology to change their codes every few months just to be safe.

Motion detection lights can help to signal if the garage door is being used. This works by having sensors that are on the control panel that will go off once the beam hits the bottom of your garage door. An infrared beam is used and is a great feature to have if you have children who might try to use the garage door without permission.

Automatic reverse is a feature in which the safety eyes will signal if there is an object in your way when you turn on your garage door. The automatic reverse will reverse the position of the door so that you do not hit the item and cause damage to the door. This feature can be very helpful to you because many people become forgetful around their garage doors and leave items near it or walk underneath it accidentally.

The manual release feature provides you with safety because in the event of a power failure, you can close the door and turn it off from the rail system that is in place. Remote controls can be used to safely open and close your garage door. This can help you during rain and cold weather. The garage door opener will be triggered when you turn the remote on from your vehicle. Life is always full of unexpected situations. We take this into account when you come to us for assistance. You should know that we take your safety very seriously. We will never try to get you to choose safety features that are not beneficial to you. We respect you and your money.

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