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Garage Door Designs and Styles Available

Choosing a garage door can be a trying process to fully complete successfully. There are several different styles and designs of garage doors available. The first garage door style available is traditional. Many people have this style of garage door on their homes. You will typically see these doors available in wood or steel. If you select a wood finish, then this will have three layers of insulation. Most manufacturers offer wooden doors in hemlock, cedar and redwood. Traditional wooden doors typically accommodate houses that are older or that have a rustic feel to them.

Traditional steel doors can have windows or not depending on your needs. The garage doors are insulated with polyurethane or polystyrene. The steel can be painted in various colors to match the finish on your home or business. If you decide to use a steel garage door then you should make sure to be aware of how many layers of insulation there are. Colder climates often require thicker insulated doors. We can help you research garage doors that will be right for your home’s climate.

Contemporary garage doors are very modern and can help you to achieve a sleek look for your home. Aluminum and glass garage doors can be a great choice when trying to achieve a contemporary look. They have aluminum frames that are rust proof. You can also choose from different window designs based on your preferences for dispersion of light, security and privacy. All glass garage doors can be a great option for you if you do not use your garage often and you do not store a lot of valuable items in it.

Carriage house style garage doors are wooden doors that use swing hinges to operate.These are available in wood and vinyl. They give you a timeless and elegant look to your home. This can help you to have a garage that showcases your sense of style in a great way. These doors look similar to barn doors and can be an excellent option for people who have two car garages.

Commercial garage doors are a highly durable choice of garage door to own. You can choose from models that are made from aluminum, steel and wood. These doors often lack windows because they are used for business purposes. What makes them beneficial to own is that they can be used frequently because they are made of very sturdy components that can take a lot of punishment over time.

At Pro Line, we can help you choose a new garage door easily with our brand new visualization process. We know that shopping for a new garage door can be tedious and overwhelming. This is why we try our best to accommodate you. We can sit down with you and show you all the available door styles and materials.

Another great feature that we have is that we can actually take a picture of the front of your garage and then show you, with computer generated imagery, how the garage door will actually look once it is installed by us. This allows you to be able to visualize what the garage door will look like. We will also suggest specific door materials for you, depending on your climate and the existing style of your home so that it has a cohesive appearance across the board. We take our job seriously so that you come away with a garage door that is aesthetically pleasing and meets your needs.

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