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If your garage door is very noisy then it may be time to check your bearing plates. A bearing plate’s job is to control a bar that makes the garage door raise and lower. They have issues with stress due to the sheer size and weight of the garage door. Your garage door has a bearing plate in the center and two that are located at the ends. This helps the torsion spring system to work properly. The end bearing plates help to make sure that you can secure the angle on the track that is horizontal so that it can work with the door’s header. If the hardware of your bearing plates are broken then you will need to repair the necessary items.

You will need to know the measurements of your bearing plates so that they can be properly replaced. If you are replacing what is referred to as an unsupported bearing plate then you should get a tape measure and measure the space from where the current plate is to the middle of the torsion shaft. You can easily find these plates because they are not attached to your garage door’s header. Supported bearing plates connect to the header and the horizontal track. If a supported bearing late needs replacement, then you can measure from the middle of the shaft to the header where it is located.

Because torsion is involved, it can be best to allow us to repair or replace your bearing plates. The location of these plates requires a lot of maneuvering and standing on a ladder in order to effectively complete the repairs. You can end up damaging the shaft if you do not repair the item properly so consider leaving the job to us so that you are 100% satisfied.

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