Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Garage Door Tracks

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Bent Tracks

The tracks on your garage door often need repair. People need to remember that if the garage door malfunctions then the tracks can then become bent. Your garage door track has two separate pieces and there is a track on each side of your garage door. Now, if you hit the garage door with a vehicle or blunt object then this often causes a bend in the track as well. Time is of the essence here because the door malfunction will worsen as the door is lifted up and down.

We will evaluate how bent the garage door track is. If the track can be repaired by bending it back into place then we will take the action to handle it. We can also take care of installing new wall brackets for the tracks because these help to make sure that the track is secured safely to the wall. If the brackets are damaged then they will not do their job which can further damage the door even if the track has been replaced.

If you try to fix the bend in the track yourself, then you could ruin the entire track. We advice against this because we know that you could not only harm the track, but also break other components of the garage door. A garage door needs tracks that are free and clear of any obstructions.

Misaligned Tracks

If the tracks get knocked out of their alignment then this can cause the rollers to come out of the track which can result in the door not doing its job. Another issue that you may face is that the garage door track may not be close enough to the side of the door which can cause the door rollers to come out of their hinges. This can cause a serious safety issue because you can have the door come down at any time. A misaligned track needs to be properly handled by a professional. We can evaluate your track and decide if it is salvageable. It can be more cost effective to replace the track in full because these tracks come in just one piece.

Rusted Tracks

Rusted tracks are bad news because this means that your track will most definitely have to be fully replaced. When you constantly have a garage door folding up and down, the debris such as dirt, leaves, water and other materials gets onto the tracks. Rust is hard to get rid of because it spreads quickly and can quickly slow down the track. This can leave you with a slow moving garage door.

We can replace rusted tracks the same day. We will remove the entire track and dispose of it properly. You should never touch a rusted track because you could cut yourself and expose your body to tetanus which can cause many health complications. Our expert employees have the tools and knowledge to quickly get the track removed. We know how to secure the door while we work on the necessary repairs. This allows us to prevent any further damage from being done to the garage door.

If you choose to hire us for this service, then we will be able to have it completed the same day that you call us. We will advise you if there are any other issues that need to be done. We do recommend maintenance for garage door tracks so that they stay lubricated and any loose parts are tightened. Call us today and we can perform this maintenance for you for a small fee.

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