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Your garage door has boards that help to complete functions so that the door works properly. Your logic board is one of these. The logic board will often become defective. You will know this if full force is exerted on the door before it will be able to work in reverse. If you test your logic board and it won’t function, then you need to replace it. The logic board might need to be replaced if the indicator light does not go on when your garage door opens. The light might also not go off which also signifies that the logic board is encountering a problem that warrants its replacement. This is a huge safety concern and needs to be rectified immediately.

The logic board is very important and acts similar to the way that the brain in your body does. This is because the radio frequency receiver that your remote uses to open and close the door is contained within this board. We begin the process of replacing your logic board by first going to your garage door opener and turning off the power. After this, we will take off the light bulb and lens cover. We will then find the control panel and take off the wires. The next step that we do is to find the screws on the control panel and take them off so that we can fully remove the control panel that is on the motor. After we find the logic board, we will remove the wires and mounting screws and then slide the logic board out.

Once we have removed the logic board, we will place the new item on the control panel. At which time, we will secure the locking tabs into place and then place the mounting screws into their appropriate places before tightening them so that everything is locked into place. We will then put the control panel back and secure it on the motor with its mounting screws. Finally, we will put back on the light lens cover and try the garage door opener again to make sure that everything works.

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