Broken or Bent Garage Door Rollers

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You probably think that the size of your garage door plays a role in how strong it is. However, the quality and materials that make up the moving parts have a profound effect on how well your garage door will stand up over time. Broken rollers can stop the garage door from closing. If your garage door is very loud when it moves then your rollers might be bent. This can reduce the effectiveness that they have.

We want you to know that replacing broken or bent rollers not only can take an hour or two, but that it is also dangerous to do if you are not a professional. We would not suggest that you try to remove the rollers on your own. The sheer force that is exerted by the door is intense so you might be having to deal with a possible falling door if you remove the roller or if it comes off on you unexpectedly.

You might hear a popping sound if your rollers have worn down and need to be replaced. If your garage door keeps making this sound every time that it is turned on then you need to get the rollers replaced. If your garage door squeaks, then this can be due to the fact that your rollers lack the proper amount of lubrication. We can help you by using a specific type of motor oil to make sure that the rollers can work properly so that the squeaking can end.

We know that many people have black nylon rollers on their garage doors. These rollers are famous for wearing out in a short period time because the roller itself supports all of the weight of the door. Other rollers such as ball bearing steel rollers are more durable because the bearings help to reduce the burden of the load so that the rollers can hold up for longer without wearing down.

The top part of your garage door might incur damage if you do not replace the rollers soon enough. This is because when your garage door rollers are not working smoothly, this causes more resistance in the door. When this happens, your garage door opener can stop working because it is working so hard to try to compensate for the issue with the rollers.

We will evaluate each of your rollers. Garage doors have different amounts of these items. We will check each roller for wear and tear so that we can inform you of how many you will need for the repairs. Once the rollers are replaced, your garage door will be quieter than a mouse. We can replace rollers the same day and you can be sure that we will also evaluate the bearings if your door has them so that they can also be replaced if necessary.

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