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The sensor eye on your garage door is often broken if your garage door opener flashes when it is supposed to be working correctly to raise and lower the door. The sensor eye and other electrical components in the garage door are prone to technical issues because of the wiring that is involved. The sensor eye can only function properly if the wires relay the information properly so that the sensor can do its job and trigger the garage door opener to go up or down.

A broken sensor eye is pretty noticeable because the safety eyes on your garage door will stop glowing consistently. This change in the light’s appearance is a signal that something is malfunctioning within the sensor. Now, the sensor wires are often the issue because they can get shorted out. One reason for this can be exposure to moisture. For example, if water got into the sensor eyes, then this could get onto the wires and short them out when they are being used.

The wires in the sensor can also be reversed. Some people have garage door openers that were not wired correctly by the individual who did the initial installation. If you have this issue, then we can correct the wiring so that the sensor eye can work once again. If you see that you have four flashes when you use the sensor then this can mean that a misalignment of your sensor eyes has occurred. This is important to fix because the sensor eyes being off does not allow the beam to work correctly so the door will not be able to close the way that it should.

Another common problem that you might experience is that your sensor eyes can become obstructed by other items in the garage such as dust, cobwebs, brooms and rakes. If the electric beam is hitting something in its path then the sensor eye won’t be effective. We can help to evaluate what is going on with the sensor eyes. We can also clean and repair them if an obstruction does in fact exist. You can rest assured that we will show you exactly what is causing your sensor eyes to have problems. Once we have finished our inspection, we will tell you the issue and the options that are available to you. We will work with you and respect your input as we make the required repairs.

As we know, you do not have a lot of time for garage repairs so we can fix or replace sensor eyes in a jiffy. You do not need to set aside hours of your day for this service. We have many years of experience taking care of this type of garage door problem. Our same day service can help to correct the sensor problem before the door stops functioning entirely. We aim to please you so call us now.

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