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Your garage door has parts that are referred to as bumpers. A leaf spring bumper is typically found on overhead garage doors. If you own a garage door that has a jackshaft door opener on a radius track door then chances are you will have this type of bumper on your garage door. Your garage door’s torsion system uses the leaf spring bumper to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of tension on the door’s cables. The tension is vital in a garage door to keep it where it is supposed to be. If your garage door has a tension issue, then it will not lift up when activated.

You should carefully inspect the restraint strap as well to make sure that it has not become frayed. Garage doors often slam down on a frequent basis. Your leaf spring bumper can help to stop your garage door from hitting the back of the track if it slams down suddenly. This often occurs during bad weather such as when there is a lot of wind to contend with. It is important to have a strong leaf spring bumper. If yours is not functioning properly, then you need to replace it immediately. If you wait then your garage door track could become damaged. This can be an expensive item to fix and is a time consuming repair as well.

You may also have what is called a push down bumper on your garage door. This part works on your garage door to help make sure that the door does not fall out of the tracks. Garage doors can have issues in which they might fall. Because of the size and weight, this can be a life threatening scenario. The push down bumper has a rubber bumper that will help to stop the door and prevent injuries or deaths.

Push down bumper springs are sold in packages of two or four and are classified as either 15″ or 27″. You will need to know the size of the bumper spring before you can replace it. We can easily help you with this replacement. Most of the time, the metal becomes so worn down that you cannot repair it so we always recommend replacing the bumper that you have. You use your garage door multiple times daily so the wear and tear on the bumper springs can become quite severe. These components can also corrode due to excessive moisture because of the location of the bumper spring in relation to the door itself.

We can come out and evaluate your torsion system to see if the bumpers are suffering from problems that might cause them to fail. We will work to remove the old bumper and replace it with a new one that will properly fit into the space provided. After this we will check to make sure that the bumper functions properly so that the garage door is protected.

Keep in mind that your garage door is very heavy. Replacing the bumper might appear to be easy, but it is not because the door needs to be held up while the bumper is being replaced. We would caution you to wait and allow us to do the job for you. We can easily track down the right type of bumper for you. At the time, you can ask us any questions that you might have about how your garage door functions and what led us to believe that the repair was needed. We will do our best to answer your questions in a concise manner.

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