Garage Door Cable Replacement

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Your garage door cables do a lot for your door. If you find your garage door going off track to one side, then the cable(s) needs to be replaced. Garage door cables often come off of their pulleys. When this happens to you, you can end up having issues with the door. This can be nerve wracking but often is due to the need to release the tension that is in the springs. If the tension is not spread evenly then the cable begins to come off. Most of the time, you will not see that the cable is under duress because it is dark in the garage and most people do not look above at the door’s cables very often.

Another issue that causes garage door cables to loosen or break is if you slam the door to the floor too many times. The impact and the force of the door being dropped too harshly can ruin the cables. This is why you always need to be careful whenever pulling your garage door up or down because the cables do feel the pressure on a daily basis. If you are gentle then you can help to preserve the cables.

If your garage door cables are very twisted then this is a result of the age of the garage door. The twisting of these cables is a sign that they will need to be replaced. The cables work with the door springs so if they do not have sufficient tension then the door will have problems. Do not touch these cables because if the tension is too great, then they can snap on you. We know how to carefully remove the garage door cables so that we can do the replacement. We will put a clamp on the rod before we move the garage door upward so that any tension that is left in the cables can subside.

Replacing both cables during our repair visit can be a great course of action to consider. If one cable is newer than the other then they wear differently. This can cause a weakness to further develop in the older cable because it has not been replaced. We can help with ensuring that the cable that we replace complements the other one well or we will replace the other one as well. We will then make sure your door is safe again to operate.

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