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If your garage door makes a horrible grinding sound when you turn the motor on, then you probably have an issue with your couplings. Couplings are located on the back of the garage door opener rail and are inside the head of the motor. These small parts make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your garage door. Having a loud garage door to contend with all the time can be not only an annoyance, but a ticking time bomb that can cost you money if you drag your feet fixing it.

Your screw drive utilizes a coupler to turn the screw so that the garage door will go up and down. The garage door will not work for you if the coupler is not working as it should. The best way to inspect the coupling is to remove it. You can do this by first making sure that your garage door opener is off. After this, you can go to the garage door opener rail and take out the two screws that hold the coupling into place. If the coupling looks damaged, then you should remove it and replace it. Couplings are not very expensive to replace and they often become stripped due to their location.

We can help you perform this repair because anything that involves the torsion spring system should be done by an expert. We will not only replace the couplings, but we will also check to make sure that your garage door is properly balanced once again. If there is still an issue with the balance of the door, then we will take further diagnostic measures to try to rectify the problem. Garage doors need couplings that can work because even the slightest bit of tension can cause the door to not open which can really harm the parts a great deal.

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