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Your garage door’s gears work in conjunction with the door’s chain to help raise the door up and down. If your garage door is not balanced correctly, then this can impact the overall performance of your garage door’s gears. If the door’s chain becomes too tight then it hurts the gears so that they wear down very quickly. Many plastic gears look so bad that they can appear to be shredded like paper. This is why doing a visual inspection of these gears is vital to diagnosing the issue with them.

These gears are made out of nylon or plastic. Another gear related issue that you might encounter is that the teeth in your gears might become so badly damaged that your gears need to be replaced. You need to make sure that your gears are properly lubricated. If you avoid maintaining them, then they cannot operate smoothly so that the sprocket can turn the chain and allow the door to open and close. We can replace your worn out gears in an hour or two.

This is an intricate job that involves turning off the garage door opener and taking off the chain in order to access the necessary components of the door to successfully remove the worn out gear to replace it with a brand new one. We loosen the chain and then we take out the screws that keep the entire gear assembly in position. After this, we will take out the gears by first removing the pin that is in the helical gear. Next, we tackle the worm gear which you will see is connected to your motor shaft. We will loosen the collar screws and then take off the gears and washers. Finally, we will get a new worm gear and connect it to your garage door’s shaft. Then, we will install the new helical gear and then make sure to complete the job by tightening the chain.

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