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Your keypad plays a pivotal role in making sure that your garage door turns on and off and that your garage stays shut and locked at all times. The keypad often has issues with disconnected wires. The wires can also short out if they have been exposed to water. Garages are damp by nature. This means that the temperatures are very low during the winter months which can leave them in a precarious state. Most people do not heat their garages which leaves the keypad vulnerable to moisture.

The best way to know if the garage door wires are disconnected is to remove the cover and see if the wires are not connected properly. Before attempting to do this, you should make sure that the garage door is off because you do not want to risk getting electrocuted. You should go and find a screw driver and then try to tighten up your wires so that they are no longer loose. Another issue that can impact keypads is when the batteries die. You should remove the batteries and replace them. If the keypad turns back on then the fix has worked correctly.

Storms can knock the power out in the garage. When this happens, your keypad may no longer work properly when you enter your code. This means that you need to reset the code so that the keypad can remember it once again. This can be done by finding the learn or entry code button and pressing it down. There are LED buttons that will blink, at which time you can enter your code once again so that it is kept in the unit’s memory.

Corrosion can be a big headache if your garage door keypad is exposed to the elements by being on the outside of your door. The terminal can become corroded because of water. You can check to see if corrosion is impacting your keypad by first going to the keypad and taking off the cover. Look inside your terminal and if you see that they have corroded then you should have the terminals repaired or replaced. You can try to sand off the corrosion, but it often is more beneficial to purchase a new terminal to ensure that the keypad can work effectively once again.

We can evaluate the keypad to see if it needs to be fully replaced. Sometimes the unit’s memory will not work because of a fault. We can easily replace the keypad with a universal one that will work with the code that you have already established.

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