Loose or Broken Garage Door Hinges

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The garage door needs its hinges to stay in place so that the door is able to bend in the middle so that it can fold up when it is required to. You should look at your hinges to see if they are made of very thin metal. Metal can crack or break because of the constant need for the door to open and close once again. The thinner your hinges are, the more likely they are to encounter a failure.The best way to deal with a broken hinge is to replace it entirely. We do not suggest trying to repair it because it not only is unsafe, but the hinge will never act the way that it did when it was brand new. This can cause a door to fall off of the hinges and get seriously damaged.

A replacement garage door can be quite expensive. If your garage door can be repaired, then we suggest that option to save you money. If you have loose hinges, then this often is due to the hardware that the hinges have. All garage door hinges have metal screws which help to keep the garage door in the correct position so that it can work. If the screws are loose or become lost, then we will need to use bolts and nuts to try to get the hinge to be secure once again. It is important for you to know that you should never attempt to use a garage door that has a broken hinge on it. This is due to the fact that the garage door panels are attached to the hinges. If the hinge breaks and the door is tried, then these panels can also come off and break.

Many people have the first instinct to try and fix the problem. You should avoid listening to this instinct because it can have harsh consequences for you. A garage door that has broken door panels will not be able to hold up as well in the elements. Being exposed to the rain and wind can be dangerous for the garage door because the metal parts can rust if they are around moisture. If you do not know how to tighten a garage door, then leave the job to us.

If the panels are damaged with the hinges then this will not only cause you to need more repair work done, but it will further damage the door and cost you more money. We try to show our clients the best ways to spot and eliminate potentially hazardous conditions with their entire garage door. The hinges are on the sides of the garage door, before we come to your home, you should conduct a visual inspection and see if all of the hinges look in line and properly attached. This information can be a great starting point for us to work from. As we always say, we are all about you when we try to take on your project. You can give us basic information and we will work on the diagnosis so that your hinges are back to normal.

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