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Your garage door remote is a device that you use to manually signal your garage door to work and raise or lower the door. If you garage door abruptly stops working, then you could be encountering a few technical glitches. The first and simplest fix is to check your remote’s batteries. Because you use your remote on a daily basis, the batteries can drain very quickly so changing them can be a big help. Another issue that can cause your garage door remote to malfunction is if the safety eyes on the bottom of the door are not aligned properly.

The safety eyes help to make sure that the remote can safely turn on and activate the garage door opener. If the safety eyes are not lined up properly then the opener cannot turn on. You should go to the bottom of your garage door and look for the safety photo eyes. If the eyes are not sending and receiving information, then chances are the alignment needs to be adjusted. You should try to make sure that you can make an invisible line between the two and that the lights are working correctly. The LED lights show if they are functioning properly or not.

If your remote still will not work, then it may be time to purchase a new garage door remote. If your garage door remote has been dropped or exposed to water, then chances are that the parts inside of it are not functioning properly and cannot be easily repaired. We can help you to select a good replacement remote so that your code can once again be entered into it.

If we cannot find a replacement remote or a universal one will not work properly with your model of garage door opener, then we can help you choose a brand new receiver and remote. Remote issues can be fixed quite quickly and we can get you whatever you need as long as we have the model of your garage door opener.

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