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The exterior of your garage door contains your panels. The panels do not just give an appearance, but they also connect to other parts of the garage door. Over time, these garage door panels age. Now, people often replace them because they no longer have their beautiful curb appeal any longer. When you drive up to your home, the first thing that you see are the panels of your doors. If your home’s garage door panels are broken or damaged, then this can make the entire home appear to be run down.

If the garage door panels were hurt by an accident such as a car or other object hitting them, then the entire door will need evaluation. We can check to make sure that the door struts and garage door tracks were not harmed by the damaged door panels. We know that your garage door is important to you. This is why we will do a visual inspection of the panels to ensure that the entire garage door is safe for continued use. If it is not, then we will tell you what needs to be done to help to rectify the issues. We can do this the same day.

If you decide to replace just the garage door panels that have been impacted then you will have to evaluate if the panels will stick out too much in comparison to the others that are already on the garage door. If the difference is too noticeable, then it can be a better idea to replace all of your door panels so that the appearance looks consistent across the board.

If the garage door panels are just slightly dented then we can try to repair them. Section replacement is often needed if more than a few panels have been damaged. When we meet with you, you can inform us about what happened to cause the panels to have issues. It is beneficial to us if you avoid trying to fix the panels yourself. Many people who try to pound out dents end up making them worse and causing damage to the door. Doing things by yourself might seem easy because there are so many shows about it on TV, but we know that experts know how to handle the required tools to protect the entire garage door and all of its panels.

A garage door functions as one unit, but has many working parts that need to be taken care of. The panels may look inconsequential, but without them the rest of the garage door can begin to malfunction. We can provide you with photos of new garage door panels so that you can try to choose ones that look similar to what the door has already. This can help you to be confident about the choices that you are making in regards to the repairs that we are providing.

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