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The shaft on your garage door is designed to hold the cable drums so that the torsion is counterbalanced properly. The shaft has springs connected to it so that your garage door gets the torsion that it needs to. When you turn on your garage door, these springs then work to turn your steel shaft which then activates the cable drums so that they can wrap the garage door cables around the teeth or grooves that are located on your garage door cable drums. If your garage door will not raise then it is time to inspect the shaft.

The shaft is made out of metal and you can find it above your garage door. Corrosion can impact the shaft as metal can rust because of the location of the shaft. If your shaft is bent or broken, then it will not function properly. We can come out to your home to replace the shaft. It is beneficial to avoid trying to do this yourself. The shaft holds several components and any thing that is connected to the springs can hurt you if you remove it. Some people are quick to remove the shaft and then have an issue putting it back above the door and reattaching the cable drums.

We can carefully address the garage door shaft issue. Our great employees will first look at the existing shaft and then try to find one that is similar to complete the replacement. There are solid or hollow shafts so you can choose one based on the model of your garage door. At the time of the repair, we can also check your garage door cables for fraying. If your shaft is not working properly then your cable drums and cables might also become damaged. We can help to ensure that the entire system is up to date so that you do not need to worry about any of the components not functioning in unison with the new shaft.

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