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Most people think that garage door springs are simple and that they do not do a lot. However, you would be surprised at the importance of these springs because if your springs fail, then your garage door is probably going to experience some major issues. Have you been struggling with a garage door that will not raise properly? If you do, then we suggest that you have use take a look at your springs to evaluate them.

What does a spring do? It lowers and raises the entire garage door. The springs may be pretty light, but they have to be able to hold the weight of the door which weighs hundreds of pounds depending on the make and model.

Each garage door has either torsion springs or extension springs. An extension spring is located on both sides of the door and is up high before the top tracks. The torsion springs are at the top of the garage door when it is in the closed position. You may be aggravated with a creaky and noisy garage door if your springs are old or have not been lubricated properly. If your garage door is old and you have not lubricated the springs, then this can cause the noise. We can help to see if lubricating the springs will help or if too much damage has been done to them and they need to be replaced.

The balance of the springs is crucial to how well they perform. Because springs use tension, they need to act together so that they can gently and very quietly move the door up and down. If the springs are out of balance then this repair can be taken care of by us. You should never try to balance the springs. Some people make the mistake of touching the spring brackets and trying to correct the problem. You can damage the parts of the door by doing this.

With a spring repair, we will ask you what the garage door is doing and then when we come out to your home, we can try the door several times just to see exactly what the issue is so that we can troubleshoot it in an effective manner. Spring replacements are easy to do and within a half hour the door should be operating smoothly. When we remove the old springs, we will show you a comparison to the new ones so that you can see how they become worn down. We want to help you be able to spot similar issues so that you can quickly know what is wrong to prevent the garage door from becoming broken once again.

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