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Your garage door has parts called struts. The job of a strut is to help the garage door to tighten the sections of the door so that they are stiff. This helps to ensure that they do not bend or break each time that the garage door is operated by you. If your garage door will not open and close smoothly then your struts might be at fault for the problem. If you own a residential garage door then you will most likely have one strut that is around two inches wide. It is important to be proactive about maintaining your struts.

If you have a steel residential door that uses a motor to work then your strut’s primary focus will be to stop the top of the garage door from bending if there is an issue with the garage door opener’s force. The force has to be in sync or your garage door won’t open properly. If you own a double wide door then your door should have three struts on it. There will be one located at the door’s top section, one at the bottom section and a final one that will go down the section in the middle of your garage door.

One issue that plagues many garage doors is the weather. If a garage door breaks then it can cost a lot of money to repair it or replace it. Adding struts is a good investment in ensuring that the door can hold up to whatever it is exposed to weather wise. You should also consider updating the hardware such as the hinges and brackets so that they are heavier and can sustain high gale force winds.

If you own a commercial garage door then you will need a three inch replacement strut for your garage door. Replacing a strut is difficult because the door could fall due to gravity. The strut is also as long as your door is so it can be hard to maneuver it if you are not a professional. We suggest that you call us so that the replacement can be done in a safe manner. We usually can complete a strut replacement within a few hours. As always, we guarantee same day service for you because you deserve nothing less than the best.

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