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The trolley on a garage door is designed to pull up the garage door by pulling the door’s operator arm up and down. The trolley also acts to close the door and is turned on each time that you push the on button on your door’s remote. If your garage door makes a loud noise and then goes in reverse then your trolley carriage might need to be replaced. The carriage will typically move, but then the door will still not function and go up and down as needed. When a trolley carriage breaks,you can bet that leaving it alone will not solve the problem.

We will come out to your home and start the trolley carriage replacement process. We will examine the trolley carriage to see if it has a belt drive or a screw drive. This allows us to choose the right parts to install to bring with us to ensure that we have everything that is needed to complete your repair job as quickly as possible. We will go over the list of parts with you so that you know how much each part will cost you and why it is needed for the repair.

We begin the repair process by first making sure that we attach the chain to the rail so that it is kept secure while we are completing the service. We then take off the chain and remove it from each side of the trolley. This loosens the trolley and allows us to take the new trolley and install it. After this is completed, we then put back the chain and work to make sure that the level of tension is correct once again so that the new trolley carriage is working correctly.

You will not have to pay a lot of money for a trolley carriage replacement. The parts that are needed are the trolley assembly, trolley rack, carriage release assembly and screw drive carriage. We know that you want this service done the same day so that your door can open once again. Never try to adjust the trolley carriage or remove it by yourself. The trolley carriage could cause injuries to occur because the door is not open. Many people try to pick up their garage doors to try and force them to work. You should never do this because a broken garage door should only be serviced by professionals.

We do the job right on the first attempt. You will never have to come to us again to fix the trolley carriage once we have installed it. Our technicians know exactly how to handle trolley carriage replacements so that we can quickly get you on your way. If you have the make and model of your garage door on hand when you call us, then this can help us prior to when we get on site to evaluate the trolley carriage’s status. Diagnosing the issue is essential to giving you a quick and effective garage door repair service.

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