Weather Seal Replacement

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The weather seal is at the bottom of the door because it helps to protect the door from the elements. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that no one can access your home when you are out and about. A weather seal is an important component of home security. If the weather seal begins to erode, then this threatens the garage door’s parts. When we evaluate your weather seal, we can also look to see if the trim is holding together. Trim can often begin to rot which can make the weather seal on the garage door begin to break down faster.

We can help you with replacing your new weather seal. We will lift the door up several feet and then slowly pull the weather seal out through the hole that is located behind the garage door’s track. You should avoid trying to do this yourself because you can become injured if you pull the weather seal too hard while trying to remove it. We can also replace the trim if necessary when we replace the weather seal. This can help give the door a brand new way to reinforce it. The weather is a huge factor in deciding on how to proceed.

We start the process by using a tape measure to get the garage door’s width, length, thickness and height. This helps us to get the proper weather seal so that it will fit properly on the bottom of the door. We will then remove all of the rubber and sealant that there is left behind before we add the new weather seal to the door. We do not charge very much for this service. It can be a great preventative repair as well. You need to be able to help your garage door stay working in a good condition. A strong weather seal is worth the investment of time and money. We can do this repair very quickly on any day that you ask us to.

If you constantly see water in your garage, then this can be a sign that your weather seal needs to be replaced. A garage is meant to be a safe and clean structure to protect your valuables. However, the garage leads to the entry of the home so water needs to be kept out to prevent the growth of mold. If the weather seal is coming off of the door, then it needs to be replaced ASAP because this means that insects can come in though the gaps in the weather seal. If insects can get into the garage, then an infestation can overtake the home in a matter of days. We can give you information about the different types of seals that are available. This will allow you to choose the one that you think will work the best. We can quickly complete the installation process.

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