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The size of a garage door typically hinges on how many cars will be parked within the area. There are single or what is known as one car garage doors, two car garage doors which are known as double doors and custom sized garage doors. Most one car garage doors are between eight and ten feet wide and six to eight feet high. The height of the garage door will be determined by your needs and the measurements of your home’s garage. For example, if your garage is small and has a very low ceiling, then your garage door will need to have a lower height as well. This is due to the fact that the spring system that is located above the door has to have enough clearance to fully operate. This bends the door so it is important to know the exact measurements so that the door does what it should.

Two car garage doors can be purchased if you have sufficient space for each of the cars. It is important for you to understand that there will not be separate garage spaces for each vehicle that can be closed off. This means that the cars will be parked side by side while they are in the garage. There has to be enough of a gap so that both cars can be parked closely without hitting the doors on either vehicle. Most married couples own two vehicles. If you own two vehicles then you might want to purchase a two car garage door. These garage doors are approximately twelve to twenty feet wide and twelve to sixteen feet high.

At Pro Line, we can help you decide on the size of garage door that you will need. We will take into consideration the size of the vehicle or vehicles that will be parked in the garage, the existing height and width of the garage and the use for the garage door. We can also take measurements for you so that you are sure that you are on track when choosing your garage door. We know that it can be a huge hassle to have to send back a garage door if it will not fit properly.

You should understand that you should consider the weight of the garage door that you are getting before you purchase it. If there is an issue with the garage door opener working, then you will need to manually lift the door to get it to raise. This takes some physical strength to do. If you are elderly or have a physical disability then we can help you select a garage door type that can also be easy to lift if necessary.

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