The History of San Jose, CA

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San Jose, CA was first developed in 1777. It is a very old city. The first people to live in this city were the Ohlone Indian’s. They lived along the Guadalupe River. All of these Indian’s resided in huts that they made from grass.

When the eighteenth century arrived, the Spaniards began to live here. These Spaniards soon discovered geese, antelope and bears. It is the Spaniards who developed the Mission Santa Clara. This city is close to the river.

In 1849, San Jose became California’s very first capital city. Unfortunately, those who visited this city soon found themselves disappointed. This is because it promised a lot. There was not enough developments in terms of accommodation. The capital building was left unfinished.

Those who went to California, were in search of gold. However, a majority of people did not find any. Instead, they decided to grow a variety of fruit. Some of this fruit included: pears, apples, peaches, apricots and cherries. The fruit was soon able to be sent to other cities and countries by canneries.

In 1906, San Jose experienced a terrible earthquake. Many buildings were damaged. Others collapsed completely. Thousands of people were injured or killed.
Between the years 1950 to 1969, the population of this city grew from about 95,000 to 446,000.

These days, this city continues to have a very diverse population. There are many Ethnic groups. These groups make up about fifty two per cent of the city. Many Vietnamese people arrived here in 1975. There are also Asians who make up to about twenty per cent of San Jose’s population. Those from Central America and Mexico make up about twenty seven per cent.

The oldest building in this great city is The Peralta Adobe. This building can be found on John Street. The Peralta Adobe is well over two hundred years old. It is assumed to have been built by an Indian named Manuel Gonzales. He passed away in 1804. In 1807, the building was soon used by the San Jose military deputy. He resided in the Adobe house. This house has been named with his name. Whilst the military deputy was employed, there were three different flags that flew over the city. The American Flag, The Spanish Flag and The Mexican Flag. He passed away in this city in 1851. He was ninety one years old.

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