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Fixing a Squeaking and Creaking Garage Door

When was the last time you were hanging out in your garage with a couple friends or family and suddenly, while the garage door was going down, you can barely hear your friend chatting because of the massive noise of the garage door operation? This happens often but gets overseen and doesn’t get addressed accordingly. First and most importantly, that could be the sound of alerting you of danger awaiting to happen. It probably doesn’t sound too pleasant when the door falls on your car. Let’s not wait for that to happen. Okay, so there could be a number of situations that could explain the loud garage door noise. Most commonly, in my years of being a professional garage door technician, the rollers or some homeowner’s would call it “wheels” are not doing it’s job. That job is simply rolling on the tracks. Homeowner tip: most garage door manufacturers comes with low grade quality rollers without any ball bearings. It’s only good for the first couple years from it’s new life and then it starts going down hill. You’ll start to hear loud screeching noises like dragging a fingernail on a chalk board. Next it could be rusted rollers that’s NEVER been lubricated. I’ve been to hundreds of homes and homeowners swear they never lube the hinges because they didn’t know it had to be lubricated. Hinges is a metal object that rubs against each other- this should be lubricated every 3 months for best performance. And lastly, the loud noise problem could be a dry trolley rubbing against the long opener rail. The rail needs to be lubricated and thoroughly spreaded with special garage door grease- another common maintenance that homeowner’s don’t know.


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