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Childhood Memories of David (owner)

Have you ever wondered how the garage door operates mechanically? As a kid, I would watch the door go up and down with little attention to how it all worked. One day, while I was playing in my garage, my mother was on her way home and the door goes down unexpectedly. At the corner of my eye, my mom’s car was insight far away so I go running towards her at the same time while the door was in motion. My mom yelled, “STOP!” but of course, as a kid, I probably didn’t understand her or just didn’t care. I wanted my mommy! After just running pass through the garage door and luckily not getting crushed, the door made a different noise and reversed back up. I looked back and as a kid, I was utterly AMAZED. From that childhood moment, I’ve started to analyze how stuff works. My brain would speculate all the moving parts and analyze how things work. Fast forwarding to present time, I now own and operate a successful garage door repair business serving all of the San Jose & Bay Area – with over thousands of happy clients all over Yelp and Google.

Originated from an Immigrant Family.

Although I was born in America, my parents are originally from Vietnam. They came over to the United States in their mid-twenties, escaping from terror, poverty, and a communists country. I don't want to bore you with another story where my parents had to start from zero to get to where they are today, but that's one of the hardest struggles and memories a person bare.

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David, Owner and Technician

I'm David with Pro Line Garage Doors. When you call for garage door service, I'll be the one performing the repair and addressing all your questions. I have hundreds of satisfied customers so I'm sure you'll like me as well. Give me call.

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