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The Noisy Garage Door Fix

Fixing a Squeaking and Creaking Garage Door When was the last time you were hanging out in your garage with a couple friends or family and suddenly, while the garage door was going down, you can barely hear your friend chatting because of the massive noise of the garage door operation? This happens often but

Garage Door Safety Eyes

Sensor eyes are made to ensure your safety. They are normally attached at the bottom of both sides of the vertical track, about 6 inches high. One is the receiver and the other is the sender. The sender eye sends an invisible beam to the receiver. When the garage door is going down and this

One or Two Springs?

So your torsion spring just broke and you call a technician and he advises you to replace the broken spring and add another new spring. You’re probably wondering- is he making an honest recommendation or is he just trying to get more of my money? The truth of the matter is that it’s always recommended

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