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So your torsion spring just broke and you call a technician and he advises you to replace the broken spring and add another new spring. You’re probably wondering- is he making an honest recommendation or is he just trying to get more of my money?


The truth of the matter is that it’s always recommended to replace both springs on garage doors but there are exceptions. With two springs, you get longer life cycles and a smoother operating garage door. Springs are now being worked less since there is two torque power and the torsion tube is being pulled evenly on both sides. Whereas, one spring will pull on one side excessively, causing other hardware to get damaged.

You also get the benefit of still being able to open your garage door even though one spring is broken. Almost all the time, only one spring will break first and the second will soon follow. When this happens you still have the opportunity to open the door manually. The unbroken spring and your assistant has enough lift to open the door. A garage door with one spring that’s broken will make it almost impossible to open due to it’s heavy weight.

Financially you spend less money in the long run. You may pay more up front of replacing two springs but when you compare that with having a tech coming back and then changing the other spring, the numbers are far greater.

FREE ADVICE. When replacing the springs, make sure they are both the same size in length, inside diameter and wire. Commonly two different springs will have different life cycles; smaller springs have less life cycles. So to get the most bang for your buck, get two identical springs with the same cycles since you’ll be replacing both springs when one goes out.

We, Pro Line Garage Doors, always recommends to replace both springs at the same time as that will extend the life of your springs and door. Also to mention the savings you’re really incurring. So you need a spring change? Give us a call at 408-916-4218. We can be there within the next 2 hours!

There are exceptions for one spring, such as a single car garage door (normally 8×7). Because single car garage doors are smaller in size and weight, even installing 2 of the smallest springs will exceed the door weight. In other words, the springs lift capacity exceeds the door weight, causing the door to jump and having future problems.

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