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Pro Line Garage Doors is focused on giving customers the best service possible. This is why we do not beat around the bush. We can perform any service or repair the same day. We believe that people should not have to wait for repair companies for days to have a slot opened for them. We make ourselves accessible to each of our clients the business day that they contact us. We are open every day including weekends from 8 am until 9 pm. Here is a brief overview of our excellent garage door services:

Spring Repair

If your garage door spring has broken, then most likely when it was opened, you will have heard it make a very loud breaking sound. After this the spring lets go because the tension has most likely snapped it out of place. This will then cause the door to fall very rapidly. If you encounter this problem then leave the vicinity immediately because the weight of the garage door can harm people. With no spring in place, your door will not have the strength to be raised until it is properly fixed by a maintenance employee. If this happens, never try to open the door or lift it because this can cause additional mechanical issues for the door. We can come and replace the spring and repair any damage that was caused when the spring failure occurred.

Cable Replacement

Garage door cable breaks occur often, but most of the time you will experience just one cable breaking which can leave the garage door off track so that it does not go down fully on one side. This is usually due to wear and tear that the cable has to contend with over the years. It is never a good idea for you to try to touch the cable. This is because the tension behind it which raises the door can injure your hands and arms if it springs back and recoils at you. Cables are very easy to replace and we can quickly perform the service so that the door can be back in place. We will also check the other cable and replace it as well. This ensure that the wear and tear on both cables is even so that they work in tandem.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers can fail for many reasons. If you decide to replace your garage door opener, then we can help you choose the model that will best accommodate you. You should take into consideration that a power failure can impact if a garage door will open or not. If there is an electric motor, then the garage door opener will not work. A battery back up opener can be a great option for you so that you can have the door open even during a power outage. When we repair a garage door opener, we will give you our recommendations on not only the current state of the opener but upgrades and accessories that you might want to consider getting if you choose to.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

You probably do not look at the tracks of your garage door often. However, they can cause bring problems for you if you do not keep them lubricated so that they are in working order. The tracks can become bent if the garage door is forced up too quickly. The ever changing temperatures have an impact on the tracks and may cause them to rust. Rust typically occurs when the water from the top and bottom of the door gets into the tracks. The moisture rusts the tracks so that it becomes much harder for the door to be easily raised and lowered. This can then result in misaligned tracks that no longer allow the garage door to function properly.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Broken or bent rollers on garage doors can cause the door to malfunction. If you have a noisy garage door, then a broken or bent roller could be the cause of your headaches. We can install new rollers on the garage door. By doing this, we can help to make your garage door work in a much smoother way. The rollers often wear down with frequent usage so you should consider replacing them if they are bent or broken.

Loose or Broken Hinges

Loose or broken hinges can cause damage to your garage door. You can find your hinges as they are on the back of the door itself. The hinges are together and help the door bend so that it can easily fold up once again. If the hinges are loose or broken, then they will not tie together so then the door will not close correctly. You might see that your hinge screws have fallen out. The best solution is for the hinges to be replaced because they often fail due to how thing the metal is because it begins to break down. We can tighten loose hinges and repair them if necessary.

Section or Panel Replacement
Sections and panels on your garage door are not for decoration alone. These panels keep out rain, wind and cold and also help to protect intruders from entering the garage. If your panels are broken or cracked then you will need to have them replaced. We can come out to your home and complete this service. We can have a section or panel replaced in about an hour or two. You will want to take care of this issue quickly because leaving it to fester can be dangerous.

Weather Seal Replacement

The weather seal goes around the garage door so that it is entirely sealed to close off the garage. The weather seal on the door can come off because of the constant exposure to rain, erosion, cold and winds. We can replace your weather seal. This will help to keep bugs, pests and rodents out of the garage. If you neglect this, then your garage is more likely to have issues with flooding and pest control problems.

 Trolley Carriage Replacement

The trolley carriage is important to ensuring that the door opens and can go back down. If the trolley carriage cannot be repaired then we can replace it so that it no longer causes the entire system to malfunction.

Broken Sensor Eyes

Many sensor eyes become broken at some point on your door. If the sensors do not work, then the door will not open because the sensors will not go off and tell the system what to do. We can quickly replace the sensor eye and install a new one.

Safety Eye Adjustments

It is important to have the safety eye adjusted to maintain the door’s effectiveness. We can evaluate how the safety eye is functioning and make the necessary adjustments.

Emergency Service

We know that when emergencies happen that you need to have someone at your door ASAP to perform the necessary repairs. We offer our clients emergency service. This can help to quickly assess and treat garage door problems so that the door can be either repaired the same day, or replaced if needed.


A garage door bumper is a component that is known to fail from time to time. There are leaf spring bumpers which you have if you have an overhead garage door for your home or business. This type of bumper might need to be replaced. What does a bumper do? Well, it works with the torsion system to help to ensure that there is an ample amount of tension for the cables. You probably know that your garage door slams down a lot which makes the bumper more at risk for an issue.

This leaf spring bumper can prevent your door from hitting the rear of its track. Some garage doors have a push down bumper. What does this do? It helps to stop the door from coming out of its tracks. The push down bumper contains a bumper that is made of rubber so that it can prevent the door from injuring others upon its falling. Your bumper will either corrode or become damaged due to wear and tear. We can take the bumpers off of the door and replace them fair quickly. Do not try this repair yourself as you have to remove the bracket and restraint strap which can be dangerous to do.


Struts are a common part that needs to be repaired or replaced on your garage door. What is its job? Well, it is to aid the garage door in tightening its sections so that they become stiffened so that breaking or excessive bending does not occur. If you are a homeowner with a garage door then your strut will be about two inches wide, but you will only have one that is at the top of your door.

Trying to replace a strut can be very hard due to the fact that your garage door could drop and end up causing harm. Your strut’s length will also be as long as the door that it is going on to. We suggest only allowing us to conduct the replacement as the struts are hard to hang up and install.


The shaft is a long bar of metal that holds the door’s cable drums where they need to be. This helps to make sure that the torsion in the system is balanced properly. A sign that this item needs to be repaired is when the garage door cannot be lifted up off of the ground. The shaft is above the door itself. You might find that it has sheared or is corroded. Because the shaft has torsion behind it, we have to remove the cable drums, cables and other items to replace it. We recommend only leaving this job to experts such as ourselves to avoid any injury due to the tension that the springs have in them.


Coupling issues can cause your garage door opener’s motor to make a bad sound when it is turned on. Where are my couplings?They are on the rear of your door opener rail. They are found inside the motor’s head. Couplers turn a screw so that your garage door lifts and lowers. A coupling replacement begins with shutting off the power to the opener. Next, us taking the garage door opener rail and removing your two screws so that the coupling can slide out of place. Finally, the new coupling is put in and the screws are tightened once again.


Slats are curved or flat pieces that are on commercial doors. They lock together and are made of steel bars that can roll up and down. The function of these is to move up and down in the door’s tracks. The only way to repair these is to cut them out of your steel door and replace them.


Your remote is the handheld device that you have so that you can turn on your garage door opener. A few issues can impact this device. The first is dead batteries which is an easy fix which involves just going to a hardware store and getting a new set of batteries and you are on your way. The second issue is that the remote may be broken. This could be caused by a broken component within the remote. This warrants an entire remote replacement repair. The final potential issue is that the safety eyes are not aligned properly so the remote cannot be read. You will need to adjust the eyes which are at the bottom of the door.


A garage door gear works with the chain so that together they can raise the door and lower it as well. A tight door chain can cause excessive wear on the gears. The chain will be taken off and the screws in the gear assembly removed so that the repair can be undertaken. Next, the pin in the helical gear gets take out and the gears and washers will be removed so that a new gear can be put on. Once this is completed, the screws are put back in and the chain is tightened up.


A garage board works to help the entire door function. It is basically the control panel so it can encounter glitches which can cause problems. The power has to be off prior to installation to prevent injuries.The first step is to remove the light bulb and its lens cover. After this, we will remove wires from the door’s control panel. Next, we take out the screws from the control panel so that we can find the logic board. After this is found, we take out the wires and the mounting screws. Finally, we remove the logic board so that we can replace it fully.


The torsion spring shaft is where the drums are positioned. They can be found on the rollers which raise and lower the entire door. Wear and tear can do a number on the drums so if you see that yours is broken then you should replace it. We can also inspect the other drum to make sure that it has not been impacted because these drums need to be able to wrap the cables around so that your door lifts properly.

Bearing Plates

Bearing plates control the bars that make garage doors go up and down. There are three bearing plates on garage doors and due to the stress that they have to have exerted on them, they often shear or break. It is important to have us take a look at your bearing plates as the size of the door and the way that they are mounted can make repairing them difficult for you to do.


A garage door keypad provides you with the necessary access to your garage. Your keypad may not function due to wiring problems and a keypad that has shorted out because of moisture. If the keypad does not work then you can have it replaced. It is best to try to test the wiring first to ensure that any loose wires have been dealt with. We can help to repair or replace your keypad in a snap.

Garage door repairs often have to occur suddenly, but you should know that your garage door has around 300 parts. These parts have to work in perfect harmony for the door to open and close without issue. We will do a safety check just to see exactly what is going on. We have a list of potential issues that we review so that we can spot any hazardous conditions that may impede the garage door’s overall performance. You should avoid trying to do any garage door repairs on your own. This is because the door has a great deal of tension. This means that tampering with parts can often cause you to be seriously injured if you do not know what you are doing. If you end up breaking something by accident, then this can cause further damage to the garage door that can be costly to fix or replace.

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